This powerful, versatile word is interchangeable with almost every part of speech, and can convey a swathe of different emotions. People frequently use this term to express dissatisfaction or enthusiasm.


Among other meanings, this foul term is used as a verb that describes the action one takes when one accepts standards that are lower than is desirable.

I'm John.

I’m a 22 year old male. I like cars, bikes, guns, books and trees. I listen to pop punk, jazz and reggae. I have an ego problem that I’m working on. I’m whatever I feel like being, and I do whatever I feel like doing.

I also make monthly payments that I probably can’t afford on a car I probably don’t need, and I pay way more in rent than I probably should. I’ve been self employed since May of 2018 and make enough money to get by. I recently got a job again, just so that I don’t have to deal with the stress of school and being 100% responsible for my own income, as well as to allow more time to focus on side businesses. I’ve started two businesses in the last year. One was a complete flop; the other one has found me moderate success, but cannot be scaled up.

My Goals

My goal is to be financially independent; to have enough money coming in every month from different investments to pay all of my bills and keep me fed. Assuming a 6% average annual return on investment, I’ll need about $750,000 to make this happen.

I’m at a very unique point in my life where every single problem that I have can be solved with money. Even if this won’t be the case for the rest of my life, it goes without saying that every problem I might face in the future will definitely be easier to solve if I don’t have to worry about making enough money to keep my head above water.

What I'm Doing to Get There

I can’t make $750,000 fast enough by making $5,000 a month and saving $2,000 of it. So I’m trying something a little different. The method I’m using is as follows: Work a job, pay my bills, and put every available cent after the fact into my business endeavors instead of a savings account. I’m constantly trying and failing, improving my skills and experience along the way, and I do my best to keep my batting average ticking up day by day. Once I’m able to reliably create profit for myself, I can focus on scaling up my income and putting more of it into investment accounts.

I study at Full Sail University because I want to give myself the ability to earn a higher-paying job in order to put more money into my businesses at a faster rate, and to learn more of the skills I’ll need to develop my businesses faster and more efficiently.

Every time I try or learn something new, I record it on this blog so that other people can learn from my mistakes, and so that I can watch myself improve.

My Skills

I have a good eye for photography and design, and utilize that in my freelancing business (web design and development).

Though I have a good eye for design, I lack practical skills in more advanced areas of development, like server side and client side scripting and web application development. That’s what I want to learn next, which I’m currently doing at school.

I have a developing sense of good business practices, and I’m teaching myself to always be on the lookout for new opportunities, areas to create value, and other peoples’ wants/needs that I’m able to fill.

However, I don’t yet have strong skills in marketing to those people, which is another thing I’m working on. I need to be able to talk to people and be able to present products and services to them in an authentic manner that actually resonates with them.

And That's the Story.

I don’t profess to be an expert in anything that I do outside of my work. I don’t know how to teach people to be happy, start a business, do whatever they want, or any of that. I’m still learning to do it myself; though I do want to teach it in the future.

However, I do know that I’ve managed to quit my job, live independently, make my own money and be my own boss. I also know that I’m going to be 100% successful in learning how to continue growing professionally and financially, and that the level I’m at now is nowhere near the level I’m able to get to. I invite you to follow me, see some cool shit, and maybe learn something from my successes and my many, many failures.

Fuck boredom. Fuck settling. FUCK COMPROMISE. Life is too precious to bother with that trash.